We want you to LOVE us!

Hi, it’s Ted Bilodeau.  It’s my privilege to own and manage COMPLETE Weddings + Events here in North Carolina.  I think everyone on our staff might say that what we enjoy most is simply making people happy. Making a couple’s wedding day perfect! Bringing smiles to faces of guests at celebrations.  Seeing families come together, sometimes after a long absence, the hugs, the happy tears… that’s what means the most in life and we’re lucky that our clients let us be a part of that.

We are fully dedicated to our customers.  We provide exceptional service and the most accommodating and attentive customer care around with our talented staff, professional experience, and attention to detail.  It helps that our photographers, editors, videographers, DJs, and photobooth operators really love what they do!

It can be difficult to know who to trust for your wedding or special event.  We understand.  I admit I get upset sometimes when in my daily travels I might get terrible service at a store or restaurant.  That bothers me, and that’s NOT how we do business at COMPLETE Weddings + Events.  We strive for perfection and we truly CARE about you.

We hope to be able to talk with you, answer your questions, learn about how you envision your wedding or special event, what your needs and goals are, what you care about, who you are, and how we can best serve you. We are truly dedicated and will work hard so that you will love us!

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